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Giovanni, known as Gianni to everyone, has inherited the company and the family knowledge with the significant task of developing the great potential of this business with his added value: bringing freshness, dynamism, and enthusiasm of a young spirit to a beautiful ancient profession. He was a child when his father, single-handedly, built this company, creating jobs and a future for his children. He grew up in the oil mill, becoming a man with a kind soul and a sincere, smiling gaze that isn’t affected by the many responsibilities and difficulties he faces in running the company. He relies on a team of cohesive, proactive, and enterprising individuals. He made a promise to his father: to remain grateful to the land of his origins, to take care of it, and to defend and protect the family business without ever compromising. To guarantee the quality of his Extra Virgin Olive Oil, he personally oversees every phase of the process, from tending to his agricultural land to harvesting the olives, from transforming the olives into E.V.O. to bottling.

Gianni embodies tradition: it’s enough to consider that, out of respect for his father’s work, he hasn’t changed the name of the company! He dreams of the family brand being recognized and identifiable outside of Puglia, even worldwide. But he wants to bring a breath of novelty to his company: from restyling the logo and graphics to innovative packaging, the bag-in-box. The goal is to contain, transport, and serve his EVOO, the fruit of tradition, with the practicality and elegance of sustainable packaging. He intends to pass on the family values to his son Lorenzo as well. Fantastic about the future, dreaming that Lorenzo too can grow among the containers of the olive press and nurture his own passion for work and for olive trees; he hopes to be an example to him, much like his father Vincenzo has been to him.

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Discover the beating heart behind Olio Fazio. For generations, the Fazio family has cherished with love and dedication the ancient art of producing extra virgin olive oil. An unbreakable bond with the land and a passion passed down from father to son come together to create a one-of-a-kind product, continuing a tradition of excellence and authenticity.

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Enhancing the territory and always carrying forward the family project. The core business is the production of superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a harmonious, fruity, and intense flavor, using state-of-the-art technologies. The Vincenzo Fazio Oil Mill produces a blend, also exported abroad, composed of typical local cultivars: Coratina, the most widespread in the area, and Ogliarola Barese.